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Social enterprise from East Sussex providing quality printing solutions and work placements for disabled people.
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T-shirts, T-shirts Everywhere!


T-shirts, T-shirts Everywhere!

Hello everyone! I thought that I’d take a quick breather from work and update you all on what’s been happening in the Centre.

As summer rolls around, so does the season for art shows and exhibitions. This means CHEC has seen an upsurge in orders for greeting cards featuring the work of many local artists who wish to promote their creations at such events. Many of these artists are also now taking advance of our large-scale printing service to recreate large format prints or canvas copies of their original pictures to sell to the public.

We have also been working closely with some other local companies to provide them with products that they do not currently produce in house. We have produced 720 printed polo shirts for one of their customers as well as a large amount of food labelling for a company that makes sauces and other condiments. Those who follow us on Facebook & Twitter possibly have seen the photographs of the finished sheets prior to them being trimmed.

The team have also been looking at drumming up new custom in the local area by seeking out logos of businesses from websites and creating embroidered samples of them which we intend to send out. It is still early days for this endeavour but we still hope that this proactive initiative will whet the appetites of many potential customers and stimulate new orders.

We also have a new development in our product range. CHEC can now product ‘magic colour reveal mugs’ that change colour with the addition of hot water. The image is invisible until the mug is filled with a warm beverage, when it is revealed as it warms up. They make a great, fun present for any occasion or a unique promotional or commemorative piece.

In fundraising news, CHEC is holding its fourth annual ‘Quiz and Chips’ evening on 2nd September at Crowborough Football Club. The event is run by Gill Williams and Jackie Jenkins, (my Mother and Aunt), and is always a lot of fun with great food, games and prizes. Winners (and losers!) prizes have already been designed and tickets are ready to go out. Tickets cost £15 a head and teams are a maximum of six people. If you are interested in joining us for a fun, relaxed evening, email or ring the office in the usual way.

On Wednesday 3rd August, CHEC will be hosting a business lunch at the AMEX Football Stadium in Brighton. This is a follow up to last year’s event which was held to mark CHEC’s 20th anniversary. The lunch was such a success that we have decided to repeat the event this year and invitations have already been sent out to a new range of companies and organisations. We look forward to breaking bread with them and sharing CHEC’s philosophy.

Finally we are having some changes in staffing over the upcoming weeks. After eighteen months working with us, our Centre Assistant Sam Gander in leaving us to pursue a career in administration. We all wish Sam the best with this move and will miss her very much. Sam’s departure means we will see a return of a familiar face to the role of Centre Assistant as our friend and former colleague Nancy Feltham is taking on the position again. We are all very glad to have her back.

Holly Williams

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